As this writer recalls, it seemed that Intramurals 2017 was going to be a sleepy affair filled with a slow and lethargic atmosphere. Then again, who could blame the students for feeling exhausted after a rather torturous exam week? Although for some, this may be an exaggeration, the weeks’ worth of studying, stressing and reviewing had taken its toll on the majority of students, parents, teachers and staff. Despite suffering heavy eyelids and nearly endless headaches, Giueseppeans showed the world (and each other) the meaning of the word “tenacity”- teachers quickly moved to prepare everything the students could possibly need from games down to equipment; students scrambled to take spots of their teams for games; and of course, who could forget our atesand kuyas who made sure the electronics, chairs and tables were in place and kept restrooms clean enough to use. The school and its denizens had little more than a week to prepare for what would be the first on many students’ list of things to look forward to: a week without actual classes.

The day of the opening ceremony came. It started-in proper Giuseppean fashion- with a Eucharistic Celebration that called upon God’s presence to bless the entirety of the four-day event. Then, after the mass and a health break, the opening program began with drums beating, banners waving and spirits soaring in jubilation – cheers and yells filled the air to create a perfect cacophony of hearts blazing with fierce determination beating to one rhythm. It was a happy sort of chaos- one that was infectious and noisy and utterly breathtaking. Colors mingling and emotions running wild, all traces of fatigue gone- replaced by a fire that could not be quenched or buried.

This writer remembers the same fire burning in each team as bouts of basketball, volleyball and badminton thrilled audiences to no end. The classrooms were also requisitioned and repurposed to become venues for board games such as scrabble, chess, word factory and the like. Although audiences were not allowed in those areas, friends of those brave competitors waited with bated breaths for the result of their friends’ matches. And of course, among the highlights were the Dancesport Contest between Grade 11 and 12, Hip Hop Dance Off and the Cheerdance Competition which left parents breathless and hoarse-throated, cheering for their children while the paralyzing awe of watching these events- dancers weaving gracefully, seeming to not feel their nervousness and the sweat trickling down their bodies in their vigorous routines.

One can only wonder how and where the Giuseppeans got this fire-this indomitable will- this ability that allows them to forget fatigue and give nothing less than 110% in everything. They didn’t seem to mind their mental exhaustion and even seemed to ignore that spark of doubt- that voice in their heads that tells them they failed- and keep their spirits burning with passion and insuppressible strength to keep going.