For its 54th year of existence, St. Joseph's Academy celebrates its Founding Anniversary back it up again with the fun and excitement, the hustle and bustle for the upcoming action liven up by the activities and festivity in the school. Cheers and laughter echo around the school as both students and personnel passionately participate in the booths prepared by the different clubs and committees. What started out as a mass ended up as a value we won't forget: "Life is for Learning and Learning is Life". With the overpowering joy that covered the whole school in celebration, we were reminded with the lesson that life will always be a never-ending journey of learning and loving.

Saint Joseph's Academy's 54th Founding Anniversary was graced with the visitation of wonderful alumni who shared their memorable moments and values they learned from their very own mother school, from the English Campaign to the common discpline brought to them by SJA, no wonder they looked back to help and give back in return. Filled up withthe amazing and thrill-seeking students, they flooded the multiple booths even on the first day from chilling in the SCINEMAX Theatre to the kids playing around the bouncy Inflatable Castle. The varisty teams and other participants also teamed up to play a friendship game of Volleyball and Basketball against Saint Michael School of Argao.

Day 3 and the fun is just firing up with the games. This day held a lot of cooperative activities that promotes the relationship between the school and its community of students and their parents. With all these enthusiastic students, their dear parents alsoparticipated during the Family Day. Having an oppurtunity to bond with their parents in school activities deepens not only parental bonds between student and parent but also between student-parent and the school. Nothing more beats bonding other than the bond formed between the school and its community through cooperative events.

For the last but the most exciting part of the festivity to come: Family Fun Run 2018. Even at the dawn ofgetting up from bed, both students and parents participated and enjoyed. The Family Fun Run 2018 incorporated prizes for those who came in first place, where they then had their eyes on. Ranging from 6k, 3k, to 1k, with the player's shoes tight and feet in place right up the line, in the blow of the whistle, players ran to the top of their lungs racing against each other, both student and parents, to reach the finish line, prizes awaiting.

The most eventful week of this year might be over but, fingers-crossed, these memories of the old days, values we follow for those of the present, and the learnings that are to inevitbaly come, we will always remember the people and the school who are with us. Hail Saint Joseph!